Medicine : Xenobid (20gm)

Name:Xenobid (20gm)
Manufacturer:Rallis India Ltd
Generic Use:Naproxen
Composition:Naproxen(10% W/w)
Substitutes:xenobid (20gm) , naprosyn (20gm) , naprosyn (30gm)

Generic ( Naproxen )

Typical use Of Naproxen :Acute Gout, Acute Spasm And Spasm In Diagnostic Procedures, Differential Diagnosis Of Acth-dependent Cushing's Syndrome, Dysmenorrhoea, Fever, Glaucoma, Migraine, Musculoskeletal Disorders, Ocular Hypertension.
Mechanism of action of Naproxen :Naproxen Is A Phenylpropionic Acid Derivative Having Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory And Antipyretic Activity. Naproxen Inhibits The Enzyme Complex Prostaglandin Synthetase With Consequent Reduction In The Synthesis Of Prostaglandins From Arachidonic Acid. Naproxen Also Inhibits Platelet Aggregation By Inhibition Of Platelet Thromboxane A2.
Drug Interaction of Naproxen :Naproxen Is Known To Interact With Other Drugs Like Aluminium Hydroxide And Oxide, Bisoprolol (Fumarate), Ciprofloxacin, Frusemide Or Furosemide, Lithium, Magnesium Oxides And Hydroxides, Methotrexate, Metoprolol (Tartrate), Phenytoin (Na), Probenecid, Propranolol (HCl), Ranitidine, Rivaroxaban, Warfarin (Na). Always Consult Your Physician For The Change Of Dose Regimen Or An Alternative Drug Of Choice That May Strictly Be Required.
Side effects of Naproxen :Hepatitis, Aplastic Anemia, Hemolytic Anemia, Anaphylactoid Reactions, Granulocytopenia, Nephrotic Syndrome, Peptic Ulceration, Acute Renal Failure, Dizziness, Vertigo, Headache, Drowsiness, Nausea, Constipation, Tinnitus, Abdominal Pain, Visual Disorders, Stomatitis, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Malaise, Depression, Heart Burn, Light Headedness, Increased Intracranial Pressure, Glaucoma, Flu Like Syndrome, Dreams Abnormality, Cognitive Dysfunctions, Pseudoporphyria.


How Naproxen will impact on Pregnancy ?

Experiences Of Drug Use And Evidence From Studies In Pregnant Women Have Shown Risk To Fetus. This Drug May Be Used In Pregnant Women If Benefit Outweighs The Risk. Patients Should Follow The Advice Of The Doctor Regarding Its Use.

How Naproxen will impact during lactation(breastfeeding) ?

Contraindicated: The Drug Should Not Be Used By Breastfeeding Women, As Evidences From Studies Have Shown That There Is A High Risk Of Causing Significant Damage To Infants.

Medicine & Alcohol use and effect of Naproxen

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