Medicine : Wokadine 5% Oint(15gm)

Name:Wokadine 5% Oint(15gm)
Manufacturer:Wockhardt Ltd
Generic Use:Povidone Iodine
Composition:Povidone Iodine(5% W/w)
Substitutes:pdon (5%) , workadine (5%) , balvidinem (5% w/w) , povar skin(25gm) , torvidone skin(15gm) , ovidine skin(15gm) , povimed skin(15gm) , cream wokadine skin(15gm) , wokadine skin(15gm) , saldin skin(15gm) , woundheal skin(15gm) , adpodin skin(15gm) , betacare skin(15gm) , betadine skin(10gm) , betadine skin(20gm) , saldin skin(250gm) , microdin skin(15gm) , zeetadine skin(15gm) , povina skin(15gm) , povin skin(10gm) , alphadine skin(15gm) , povin skin(15gm) , piodin skin(15gm) , joidine (10gm) , sepdine (15gm) , p don skin(15gm) , povid skin(15gm) , aanid (15gm) , enodine s skin(15gm) , microdine skin(15gm) , boffidine skin(10gm) , povirex skin(20gm) , gravidone (15gm) , joidine (20gm) , pentadine skin(15gm) , sardine skin(15gm) , aglodine skin(15gm) , balvidine skin(15gm) , poviley skin(15gm) , zylo p skin(15gm) , povistar skin(15gm) , germact skin(20gm) , curedine skin(15gm) , intadine skin(15gm) , iodolan skin(15gm) , povimax skin(15gm) , mepodine skin(20gm) , povil skin(15gm) , agradine (15gm) , nestoine skin(20gm) , agridine skin(15gm) , meridin skin(15gm) , povidone iodine skin(15gm) , polydine skin(15gm) , povifast skin(15gm) , metpo skin(15gm) , perkadine skin(15gm) , medidine skin(15gm) , poviris skin(15gm) , betasym skin(15gm) , povidine skin(15gm) , viodine skin(15gm) , yacadine skin(15gm) , topidon skin(15gm) , himodine skin(15gm) , surgidine skin(15gm) , alphadine skin(125gm) , mortaz skin(15gm) , halcydine skin(15gm) , intadine skin(20gm) , gamadine skin(15gm) , viodine skin(100gm) , betadine skin(15gm) , balvidine skin(125gm) , ovidine skin(125gm) , wokadine skin(125gm) , povidone iodine skin(250gm) , agridine skin(250gm) , povidone iodine usp skin(250gm) , wokadine skin(250gm) , zylo p skin(250gm) , yacadine skin(250gm) , betadine skin(125gm) , intadine skin(250gm) , puredine skin(250gm) , ovidine skin(250gm) , betadine skin(250gm) , pv dine skin(30ml) , zylo p skin(60ml) , betadine ointment(125gm) , surgidine skin(100ml) , mortaz skin(100ml) , emdon skin(100ml) , povidone iodine ip skin(500ml) , soludine skin(15gm) , poviley skin(100ml) , povil skin(100ml) , yacadine skin(100ml) , yacadine skin(500ml) , alphadine skin(10gm) , wokadine skin(10gm) , povicidal skin(10gm) , intadine skin(10gm) , surgidine skin(175gm) , intadine (2ltr) , povicidal skin(15gm) , povicidal skin(20gm) , povicidal skin(250gm) , biodine skin(15gm) , biodine skin(100ml) , povidin ointment , betadine (250gm) , wokadine oint(125gm) , wokadine 5% oint(15gm)

Generic ( Povidone Iodine )

Typical use Of Povidone Iodine :Vaginal Candidiasis.Treatment And Prevention Of Wound Infection.Oral Hygiene.Oral Candidiasis.
Mechanism of action of Povidone Iodine :Povidone-iodine Is An Iodophore With A Powerful Broad-spectrum Germicidal Activity Against A Wide Range Of Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Protozoa And Spores. Povidone-iodine Acts By Iodinating And Oxidizing Microbial Protoplasm.
Drug Interaction of Povidone Iodine :Povidone-Iodine Is Known To Interact With Other Drugs Like Chlorhexidine, Silver Sulphadiazine. Always Consult Your Physician For The Change Of Dose Regimen Or An Alternative Drug Of Choice That May Strictly Be Required.
Side effects of Povidone Iodine :Hypersensitivity Reactions, Renal Impairment, Hyperthyroidism, Hypernatremia, Metabolic Acidosis, Rashes, Pruritus, Skin Irritation, Local Edema, Mucous Membrane Irritation.


How Povidone Iodine will impact on Pregnancy ?

Experiences Of Drug Use And Evidence From Studies In Pregnant Women Have Shown Risk To Fetus. This Drug May Be Used In Pregnant Women If Benefit Outweighs The Risk. Patients Should Follow The Advice Of The Doctor Regarding Its Use.

How Povidone Iodine will impact during lactation(breastfeeding) ?

Possibly Unsafe: Evidence From Studies In Breastfeeding Women Show That There Is A Definite Risk Of Side Effects To The Breastfed Infants. However, Use Of The Drug In Breastfeeding Women Is Acceptable In Spite Of The Risk To The Infants, If The Drug Is Needed In A Life-threatening Situation Or For A Serious Disease For Which Safer Drugs Cannot Be Used Or Are Ineffective. Patients Should Follow The Advice Of The Doctor Regarding Its Use.

Medicine & Alcohol use and effect of Povidone Iodine

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