Medicine : Tocin (5gm)

Name:Tocin (5gm)
Manufacturer:Optho Remedies Pvt Ltd
Generic Use:Tobramycin
Composition:Tobramycin(0.3% W/v)
Substitutes:cobex eye(10ml) , mdas eye(10ml) , ocutob eye(5ml) , tob clear eye(10ml) , toram eye(5ml) , tobracid eye(5ml) , nebracin eye(5ml) , tobreb eye(5ml) , tobrawal e/e(5ml) , tcn eye(5ml) , tobracad e/e(5ml) , switob e/e(10ml) , t m c eye(5ml) , tobacin eye(5ml) , nutob eye(10ml) , tocin eye(5ml) , intob eye(10ml) , tobariv eye(5ml) , obra eye(5ml) , tdx p eye(5gm) , tocin d eye(5gm) , ibrex eye(5ml) , tobaflam eye drop , tobaflam eye(0.3%w/v) , tobaren , tobrex. eye , tocin (5gm) , eyebrex drop(5ml) , tobacin f e/e drop(5ml) , tobatose

Generic ( Tobramycin )

Typical use Of Tobramycin :Bacterial Infections, Biliary Tract Infections, Chronic Pulmonary Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Infection In Cystic Fibrosis Patients, Cystic Fibrosis, Endocarditis, Eye Infections, Gram +ve (some) And Gram -ve (many) Infections, Heart Failure, Iron Deficiency Anaemia, NSAID-associated Ulceration, Oliguria Due To Renal Failure, Pneumonia In Hospital Patients, Prophylaxis Of Stress Ulceration, Respiratory Tract Infections.
Mechanism of action of Tobramycin :Tobramycin Binds Irreversibly To One Of Two Aminoglycoside Binding Sites On The 30 S Ribosomal Subunit, Inhibiting Bacterial Protein Synthesis. Tobramycin May Also Destabilize Bacterial Memebrane By Binding To 16 S 16 S R-RNA.
Drug Interaction of Tobramycin :Tobramycin Is Known To Interact With Other Drugs Like Atracurium (Besylate), Calcium Gluconate, Carbenicillin (Na), Cefaclor (Monohydrate), Cefotaxime, Cephaloridine, Cisplatin, Ethacrynic Acid, Frusemide Or Furosemide, Gentamicin, Piperacillin (Na), Polymyxin B (Sulphate), Tubocurarine (Cl), Vancomycin (HCl), Vecuronium (Br). Always Consult Your Physician For The Change Of Dose Regimen Or An Alternative Drug Of Choice That May Strictly Be Required.
Side effects of Tobramycin :Ototoxicity, Elevation In Serum Creatinine, Neuromuscular Blockage, Skin Reactions, Maculopapular Rash, Urticaria, Local Pain, Phlebitis.


How Tobramycin will impact on Pregnancy ?

Experiences Of Drug Use And Evidence From Studies In Pregnant Women Have Shown Risk To Fetus. This Drug May Be Used In Pregnant Women If Benefit Outweighs The Risk. Patients Should Follow The Advice Of The Doctor Regarding Its Use.

How Tobramycin will impact during lactation(breastfeeding) ?

Contraindicated: The Drug Should Not Be Used By Breastfeeding Women, As Evidences From Studies Have Shown That There Is A High Risk Of Causing Significant Damage To Infants.

Medicine & Alcohol use and effect of Tobramycin

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