Medicine : Thyrofit (125mg)

Name:Thyrofit (125mg)
Manufacturer:Eris Life Sciences Pvt Ltd
Generic Use:Thyroxine
Composition:Thyroxine(125 Mcg)
Substitutes:thyronorm (125mcg) , thyrofit (125mg) , thyroup (125mcg) , thyrox 30 s(125mcg)

Generic ( Thyroxine )

Typical use Of Thyroxine :To Treat Acquired Hypothyroidism (lack Of Sufficient Thyroid Hormone), Congenital Hypothyroidism, Stunted Physical And Mental Growth Due To Congenital Hypothyroidism (cretinism), Hypothyroidism, Loss Of Brain Function Due To Life-threatening Hypothyroidism (myxedema Coma), Non-toxic Goiter (enlarged Thyroid Gland)
Mechanism of action of Thyroxine :The Main Function Of Thyroid Hormone Is To Regulate Oxygen Consumption And Metabolism In All Cells And Tissues In The Body. Thyroxine Is Used To Substitute Thyroid Hormone When Your Body Does Not Make Enough On Its Own.
Drug Interaction of Thyroxine :Concomitant Administration Of Thyroxine With Drugs Especially Amphetamines, Anticoagulants (blood Thinning Medications) Such As Warfarin, Antidepressants Or Anti-anxiety Agents, Arthritis Medicines, Aspirin, Metoprolol, Propranolol, Timolol, Digoxin, Cancer Chemotherapy Agents, Diabetes Medications (insulin), Estrogens, Methadone, Oral Contraceptives, Phenytoin, Steroids, Theophylline, And Vitamins May Cause Drug Interaction. There Are Other Drugs Which May Also Interact With Thyroxine. Always Consult Your Physician For The Change Of Dose Regimen Or An Alternative Drug Of Choice That May Strictly Be Required.
Side effects of Thyroxine :Hair Loss, Increased Heart Rate (tachycardia), Diarrhea, Cardiac Arrhythmias (irregular Heartbeat), Insomnia (inability To Sleep), Weight Loss, Agitation (excite Or Anger), Tremors (uncontrolled Shaking), And Heat Intolerance.


How Thyroxine will impact on Pregnancy ?

There Is Sufficient Evidence To Suggest That There Is No Risk To The Fetus In The First Trimester (12 Weeks) Of Pregnancy And There Is No Evidence Of Risk In Later Trimesters. Patients Should Follow The Advice Of The Doctor Regarding Its Use.

How Thyroxine will impact during lactation(breastfeeding) ?

Possibly Unsafe: Evidence From Studies In Breastfeeding Women Show That There Is A Definite Risk Of Side Effects To The Breastfed Infants. However, Use Of The Drug In Breastfeeding Women Is Acceptable In Spite Of The Risk To The Infants, If The Drug Is Needed In A Life-threatening Situation Or For A Serious Disease For Which Safer Drugs Cannot Be Used Or Are Ineffective. Patients Should Follow The Advice Of The Doctor Regarding Its Use.

Medicine & Alcohol use and effect of Thyroxine

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