Medicine : Synid A

Name:Synid A
Manufacturer:Shinto Biotec Ltd
Generic Use:Aceclofenac , Serratiopeptidase
Composition:Aceclofenac(100mg) , Serratiopeptidase(15mg)
Substitutes:starnacsd , synid a , acelofansp , acentsd , fancy s , zerodol s , starnacsd , synid a , acelofansp , acentsd , fancy s , zerodol s

Generic ( Aceclofenac )

Typical use Of Aceclofenac :Aceclofenac Is Used To Relieve Pain And Inflammation Of Joints And Vertebrae In Conditions Such As Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis And Ankylosing Spondylitis.
Mechanism of action of Aceclofenac :Aceclofenac Works By Blocking The Effect Of Chemicals Called Cyclooxygenase Enzymes. These Enzymes Help To Make Other Chemicals In The Body, Called Prostaglandins. Prostaglandins Are Produced At Sites Of Injury Or Damage, And Cause Pain And Swelling. By Blocking The Effect Of Cyclooxygenase Enzymes, Production Of Prostaglandins Are Reduced, Thus, Pain And Swelling Are Eased. 
Drug Interaction of Aceclofenac :Aceclofenac May Increase Concentrations Of Lithium, Digoxin And Methotrexate In The Blood, Increase The Activity Of Anticoagulants (warfarin), Reduce The Activity Of Diuretics (furosemide) And Anti-hypertensives, Cause Increased Toxicity In Kidney (cyclosporine). Interaction With Quinolone Antibiotics (ciprofloxacin, Levofloxacin), Anti-diabetic Drugs, Pain Killers (aspirin, Ibuprofen), Or Corticosteroids Can Cause Adverse Effects. Always Consult Your Physician For The Change Of Dose Regimen Or An Alternative Drug Of Choice That May Strictly Be Required.
Side effects of Aceclofenac :The Most Common Side Effects Are Gastrointestinal In Nature Including Ulcers In The Mouth, Stomach And Small Intestine, Urge To Vomit, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Constipation, Excessive Passage Of Wing Or Gas, Indigestion, Abdominal Pain, Blood In Stools. Other Common Side Effects Are Swelling Of Part Or Whole Of The Body, Increased Blood Pressure, Heart Failure, And Severe Allergic Reactions.


How Aceclofenac will impact on Pregnancy ?

Experiences Of Drug Use And Evidence From Studies In Pregnant Women Have Shown Risk To Fetus. This Drug May Be Used In Pregnant Women If Benefit Outweighs The Risk. Patients Should Follow The Advice Of The Doctor Regarding Its Use.

How Aceclofenac will impact during lactation(breastfeeding) ?

Possibly Unsafe: Evidence From Studies In Breastfeeding Women Show That There Is A Definite Risk Of Side Effects To The Breastfed Infants. However, Use Of The Drug In Breastfeeding Women Is Acceptable In Spite Of The Risk To The Infants, If The Drug Is Needed In A Life-threatening Situation Or For A Serious Disease For Which Safer Drugs Cannot Be Used Or Are Ineffective. Patients Should Follow The Advice Of The Doctor Regarding Its Use.

Medicine & Alcohol use and effect of Aceclofenac

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Generic ( Serratiopeptidase )

Typical use Of Serratiopeptidase :To Treat Pain And Inflammation
Mechanism of action of Serratiopeptidase :Serratiopeptidase Is A Naturally Occurring Enzyme, Which Helps To Break Down Certain Proteins, Leading To Decrease In Inflammation And Promotes Wound Healing. Serratiopeptidase Also Eases Pain By Inhibiting The Release Of Specific Pain-inducing Chemicals.
Drug Interaction of Serratiopeptidase :Taking Serratiopeptidase With An Anticoagulant (medication Used To Thin Blood) Such As Aspirin, Clopidogrel, Dalteparin, Enoxaparin, Heparin, And Warfarin May Increase Bleeding.
Side effects of Serratiopeptidase :Side Effects On Use Of Serratiopeptidase For Long Term Is Not Known, However It Seems To Be Safe For Adults For Short-term Treatment (up To 4 Weeks) When Taken Orally. Occasionally Its Use May Cause Allergy, Diarrhea, Urge To Vomit (nausea), Vomiting, Loss Of Appetite, And Bleeding Nose.


How Serratiopeptidase will impact on Pregnancy ?

Studies In Animals Have Shown Risk To Fetus, However There Are No Sufficient Studies In Humans. This Drug May Be Used In Pregnant Women If Benefit Outweighs The Risk. Patients Should Follow The Advice Of The Doctor Regarding Its Use.

How Serratiopeptidase will impact during lactation(breastfeeding) ?

Contraindicated: The Drug Should Not Be Used By Breastfeeding Women, As Evidences From Studies Have Shown That There Is A High Risk Of Causing Significant Damage To Infants.

Medicine & Alcohol use and effect of Serratiopeptidase

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