Medicine : Sensiphase Light(30ml)

Name:Sensiphase Light(30ml)
Manufacturer:Piramal Healthcare
Generic Use:Phenoxyethanol , Tocopherol Acetate
Composition:Phenoxyethanol(0.35%w/w/1g) , Tocopherol Acetate(0.3%w/w)
Substitutes:sensiphase soothing , sensiphase light(30ml) , sensiphase soothing , sensiphase light(30ml)

Generic ( Phenoxyethanol )

Typical use Of Phenoxyethanol :NA
Mechanism of action of Phenoxyethanol :NA
Drug Interaction of Phenoxyethanol :NA
Side effects of Phenoxyethanol :NA


How Phenoxyethanol will impact on Pregnancy ?

There Are No Studies Available Regarding Its Use During Pregnancy. Patients Should Follow The Advice Of The Doctor Regarding Its Use.

How Phenoxyethanol will impact during lactation(breastfeeding) ?

There Are No Studies Available Regarding Its Use During Lactation. Patients Should Follow The Advice Of The Doctor Regarding Its Use.

Medicine & Alcohol use and effect of Phenoxyethanol

No Studies Found

Generic ( Tocopherol Acetate )

Typical use Of Tocopherol Acetate :Cardiovascular Disease, Dementia, Haemolytic Anaemia, Hepatotoxin Poisoning, Metal Poisoning, Vitamin Deficiency, Malignant Neoplasms, Muscular Spasm, Parkinsonism, Prophylaxis And Treatment Of Angina, Retinopathy, Surgery.
Mechanism of action of Tocopherol Acetate :Vitamin E's Anti-atherogenic Activity Involves The Inhibition Of The Oxidation Of LDL And The Accumulation Of OxLDL In The Arterial Wall. It Also Appears To Reduce OxLDL-induced Apoptosis In Human Endothelial Cells. Vitamin E Inhibits Protein Kinase C (PKC) Activity. The Inhibition Of PKC Results In Inhibition Of Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation, Which Is Involved In Atherogenesis.Vitamin E's Antithrombotic And Anticoagulant Activities Involves The Downregulation Of The Expression Of Intracellular Cell Adhesion Molecule(ICAM)-1 And Vascular Cell Adhesion Molecule(VCAM)-1 Which Lowers The Adhesion Of Blood Components To The Endothelium. Vitamin E Upregulates The Expression Of Cytosolic Phospholipase A2 And Cyclooxygenase (COX)-1 Which In Turn Enhances The Release Of Prostacyclin. Prostacyclin Is A Vasodilating Factor And Inhibitor Of Platelet Aggregation And Platelet Release. Vitamin E Has Also Been Found In Culture To Decrease Plasma Production Of Thrombin, A Protein Which Binds To Platelets And Induces Aggregation. A Metabolite Of Vitamin E Called Vitamin E Quinone Or Alpha-tocopheryl Quinone (TQ) Is A Potent Anticoagulant. This Metabolite Inhibits Vitamin K-dependent Carboxylase, Which Is A Major Enzyme In The Coagulation Cascade. Many Disorders Of The Nervous System Are Caused By Oxidative Stress. Vitamin E Protects Against This Stress, Thereby Protecting The Nervouse System.
Drug Interaction of Tocopherol Acetate :Tocopherol (Vitamin E) Is Known To Interact With Other Drugs Like Colestipol (HCl), Desogestrel, Retinol (Vitamin A), Vitamin K, Warfarin (Na). Always Consult Your Physician For The Change Of Dose Regimen Or An Alternative Drug Of Choice That May Strictly Be Required.
Side effects of Tocopherol Acetate :Thrombosis, Bleeding In Vitamin K Deficient Patients, Necrotizing Enterocolitis In Premature Infants, Flatulence, Weakness, Dizziness, Fatigue, Nausea, Diarrhea, Abdominal Pain, Blurred Vision, Thrombophlebitis, Myopathy, Hypertension.


How Tocopherol Acetate will impact on Pregnancy ?

Studies In Animals Have Shown Risk To Fetus, However There Are No Sufficient Studies In Humans. This Drug May Be Used In Pregnant Women If Benefit Outweighs The Risk. Patients Should Follow The Advice Of The Doctor Regarding Its Use.

How Tocopherol Acetate will impact during lactation(breastfeeding) ?

Moderately Safe: No Studies Have Been Conducted In Breastfeeding Women, However There Is Possibility Of Ill Effect To The Breastfed Infants; Or Studies Conducted In Breastfeeding Women Show Minimal Non-threatening Side Effects To The Infants. Drugs Should Be Given Only If The Potential Benefit Justifies The Potential Risk To The Infant. Patients Should Follow The Advice Of The Doctor Regarding Its Use.

Medicine & Alcohol use and effect of Tocopherol Acetate

No Studies Found