Generic ( Methyl Salicylate )

Typical use Of Methyl Salicylate :Musculoskeletal Disorders, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Respiratory Tract Infections, Soft Tissue Disorders.
Mechanism of action of Methyl Salicylate :Methyl Salicylate Is Considered A Non-selective COX Inhibitorthat Is, It Inhibits Two Isoforms Of Cyclooxygenase, COX-1 And COX-2. The Analgesic, Antipyretic, And Anti-inflammatory Activity Of NSAIDs Appears To Be Achieved Mainly Through Inhibition Of COX-2, Whereas Inhibition Of COX-1 Would Be Responsible For Unwanted Effects On Platelet Aggregation And The Gastrointestinal Tract. Methyl Salicylate Directly And Irreversibly Inhibits The Activity Of Both Types Of Cyclo-oxygenases (COX-1 And COX-2) To Decrease The Formation Of Precursors Of Prostaglandins And Thromboxanes From Arachidonic Acid. Salicylate May Competitively Inhibit Prostaglandin Formation. Salicylate's Antirheumatic (nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory) Actions Are A Result Of Its Analgesic And Anti-inflammatory Mechanisms.
Drug Interaction of Methyl Salicylate :Tell Your Doctor Of All Prescription And Nonprescription Medication You May Use. Do Not Start Or Stop Any Medicine Without Doctor Or Pharmacist Approval.
Side effects of Methyl Salicylate :Irritative Skin Reactions, Skin Ulcers, Stinging Of Skin.


How Methyl Salicylate will impact on Pregnancy ?

Studies In Animals Have Shown Risk To Fetus, However There Are No Sufficient Studies In Humans. This Drug May Be Used In Pregnant Women If Benefit Outweighs The Risk. Patients Should Follow The Advice Of The Doctor Regarding Its Use.

How Methyl Salicylate will impact during lactation(breastfeeding) ?

Moderately Safe: No Studies Have Been Conducted In Breastfeeding Women, However There Is Possibility Of Ill Effect To The Breastfed Infants; Or Studies Conducted In Breastfeeding Women Show Minimal Non-threatening Side Effects To The Infants. Drugs Should Be Given Only If The Potential Benefit Justifies The Potential Risk To The Infant. Patients Should Follow The Advice Of The Doctor Regarding Its Use.

Medicine & Alcohol use and effect of Methyl Salicylate

No Studies Found