Medicine : Androsure Depot Injection

Name:Androsure Depot Injection
Manufacturer:Zydus Cadila
Generic Use:Testosterone Undecanoate
Composition:Testosterone Undecanoate(1000 Mg)

Generic ( Testosterone Undecanoate )

Typical use Of Testosterone Undecanoate :NULL
Mechanism of action of Testosterone Undecanoate :Information Not Available.
Drug Interaction of Testosterone Undecanoate :Enhance Activities Of Ciclosporine, Antidiabetics, Thyroxine, Anticoagulants. Long Term Use Of Testosterone May Cause Resistance To Effects Of Neuromuscular Blockers. Enhance Fluid Retention From Corticosteroids.
Side effects of Testosterone Undecanoate :Fluid And Electrolyte Retention; Increased Vascularity Of The Skin; Hypercalcaemia, Impaired Glucose Tolerance; Increased Bone Growth And Skeletal Weight; Increase LDL Cholesterol; Increase Haematocrit And Fibrinolytic Activity; Headache, Depression And G


How Testosterone Undecanoate will impact on Pregnancy ?

Information Not Available.

How Testosterone Undecanoate will impact during lactation(breastfeeding) ?

Information Not Available.

Medicine & Alcohol use and effect of Testosterone Undecanoate

Information Not Available.