Medicine : Hydergine (1mlx6ml)

Name:Hydergine (1mlx6ml)
Manufacturer:Novartis India Ltd (sandoz)
Generic Use:Codergocrine Mesylate
Composition:Codergocrine Mesylate(1ml)

Generic ( Codergocrine Mesylate )

Typical use Of Codergocrine Mesylate :Cerebral Insufficiency, Dementia, Dizziness, Headache, Impaired Memory, Migraine, Vascular Headaches.
Mechanism of action of Codergocrine Mesylate :Co-dergocrine Mesylate Is A Complex Of 4 Hydrogenated Ergot Alkaloids.It Acts At The Central Synapsi Causing Dopaminergic And Serotonergic Actions While Reducing Noradrenergic Activity In The Limbic And Other Areas. Age-related Symptoms And Signs Such As Loss Of Recent Memory, Confusion, Poor Concentration, Disorientation, Apathy, Depression, Difficulty In Self-care And Unsociability Are Improved.
Drug Interaction of Codergocrine Mesylate :No Data Regarding The Interactions Of Co-Dergocrine Mesylate Was Found.
Side effects of Codergocrine Mesylate :Abdominal Cramps, Nausea, Vomiting, Headache, Blurred Vision, Skin Rashes, Nasal Congestion, Flushing Of The Skin.


How Codergocrine Mesylate will impact on Pregnancy ?

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How Codergocrine Mesylate will impact during lactation(breastfeeding) ?

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Medicine & Alcohol use and effect of Codergocrine Mesylate

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