Medicine : Gingecap Caps

Name:Gingecap Caps
Manufacturer:Aureate Pharma
Generic Use:Zingiber Officinale
Composition:Zingiber Officinale (Ginger)(500 Mg)

Generic ( Zingiber Officinale )

Typical use Of Zingiber Officinale :Information Not Available.
Mechanism of action of Zingiber Officinale :Ginger Has Been Used For Stomach Upset, Motion Sickness, Nausea, And Vomiting.Some Herbal/diet Supplement Products Have Been Found To Contain Possibly Harmful Impurities/additives. Check With Your Pharmacist For More Details About The Particular Brand You Use.The FDA Has Not Reviewed This Product For Safety Or Effectiveness. Consult Your Doctor Or Pharmacist For More Details.
Drug Interaction of Zingiber Officinale :Before Using This Product, Tell Your Doctor Or Pharmacist Of All Prescription And Nonprescription/Herbal Products You May Use, Especially Of: Medications/Herbal Products That May Increase Your Risk Of Bleeding (E.G., "Blood Thinners" Such As Warfarin And Heparin, Anti-Platelet Drugs Such As Clopidogrel And Ticlopidine, Herbs Such As Danshen/Garlic).Aspirin May Also Increase The Risk Of Bleeding When Used With This Product. If Your Doctor Has Prescribed Low Doses Of Aspirin To Prevent Heart Attack Or Stroke (Usually At Dosages Of 81-325 Milligrams A Day), You Should Continue To Take The Aspirin. Consult Your Doctor Or Pharmacist For More Details.Do Not Start, Stop, Or Change The Dosage Of Any Medicine Before Checking With Your Doctor Or Pharmacist First.This Document Does Not Contain All Possible Interactions. Therefore, Before Using This Product, Tell Your Doctor Or Pharmacist Of All The Products You Use. Keep A List Of All Your Medications With You, And Share The List With Your Doctor And Pharmacist.
Side effects of Zingiber Officinale :Nausea, Stomach Upset, Skin Rash, Acute Toxicity.


How Zingiber Officinale will impact on Pregnancy ?

Information Not Available.

How Zingiber Officinale will impact during lactation(breastfeeding) ?

Information Not Available.

Medicine & Alcohol use and effect of Zingiber Officinale

Information Not Available.